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Our Story

Welcome to everyone, welcome to the Villa.

We are located in Cesolo Alta, on San Severino Marche hills, in an area that was once open countryside, to know the history, and the stories, of the magnificent property that houses us.

And we find ourselves in front of a religious building. From here, we start our journey of discovery, from what was the original nucleus of the entire property: the little church of Our Lady of the Conception.

This structure dates back to the mid-eighteenth century, and was probably a rural church, practiced only in certain periods or on special occasions.
When the Coletti family acquired the surrounding land, the church remained standing, and perhaps began to serve the community that gradually grew around the Villa.
A community of factors, guardians, workers and servants.
And this seems to be confirmed by the existence, still today, of a double opening of the church: towards the inside of the park and on the public road, just to allow the faithful an entrance we say “independent” from the private property of the Villa.

The ancient limonaia is supported by the church: a porticoed area, rich in colors and scents and suggestions, which was already a place of relaxation for those who lived here in past centuries, and is the ideal space for rest even now … perfect too for the most intimate or romantic convivial moments … maybe by candlelight!

All that is seen is the result of an accurate, continuous and persistent restructuring work. Carried out with method and passion by Sandro and his family, who have undergone the timeless charm of this Villa and the park.
And that they decided to bring the property back to its former glory, despite the state of neglect it was in.

And the work took place in two phases, starting as early as 1996.

The first phase -1996-2000-was that of recovery, of safety, of compliance. The one in which the Villa has been taken from the bush, cleaned up, restored, equipped for the life of a family. In fact it was inhabited as a country house by the Teloni family.

The second phase – 2014-2015 – was that … of the vision. Of the visionary idea. Who sensed the enormous tourism potential of the structure … and of the territory in which it stands. Which has nothing to envy to other and more famous places in Italy, such as Chianti or Val d’Orcia. And it was the phase in which the idea became a project. In which the project has become a form and substance.

So, last year, the Villa was born as a charming b & b, with a few rooms, located only in the main building, in the mezzanine. There are as many as 45 beds today! Thanks to the extensions, which have allowed to increase the number of rooms, and to create suites, apartments and apartments of various sizes.

So different hospitality solutions can be occupied in a completely flexible way. In the sense that guests can simply book a room, to use as a base for the discovery of the Macerata, can book an apartment for a medium-long business stay … but could also do something else! For
example: if the Royals of England decided to take the entire structure for a month in San Severino Marche … would be welcome! Or, more likely, a married couple can occupy the residence in its entirety for their wedding and for a weekend … or a work group can book an entire annex for a team building.

The personal and human dream of opening one’s home to hospitality, with special attention also for disabled guests. The civil dream, to give back to the community of San Severino a building of historical importance, restored and more than usable. The entrepreneurial dream of founding from nothing a very charming accommodation structure, enriched with precious finishes, versatile in function and suitable for different targets, in short, or not “plastered” in a single category. An avant- garde structure above all, even with the latest generation of home automation features.

The Villa is a dream comes true.
A dream that the Teloni family wants to share with you today.
And with all the guests who will come in the future.